Get Ready for The
Outdoor Season

Sink into sofa in quick-dry foam let you completely drift away
lounging outdoor with excellent airflow system

Exhibits excellent resistance to moisture absorption
Rapid drying prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and
unpleasant odors
Less prone to water-related damage which can lead
to deterioration and reduced performance
over time
Offering a comfortable seating experience while
allowing for effective water drainage and drying
Easily cleaned without worrying about long drying

High-Quality Performance

If you’re gonna soaking up the sun, make sure to be all cozy
with sofa in durable fabric made to withstand everyday life
and leisure time, rain or shine

Woven from the 100% solution dyed olefin yarn
with the color that stays true over time.

Environmental friendly fabric with a very little
waste in the manufacturing process and it’s 100%

Excellent ultraviolet blocking agents is applied
which protect the polymer
backbone of the fabric for superb UV protection

Easy maintenance as it is water- and stain-

Available in a wide array of styles, patterns, and
colors, choose from 10+ outdoor performance
fabric to match your personal style preferences

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Modern furniture designed and built to last. From durable solid wood frames to comfortable upholstery, you can have it for years to come.


Personalize your dream home

Want to see how our
furniture and home decor
look inside your homes.

Based on the accurate information about your living
spaces, we will develop 3D views with shoppable
products. We'll gladly take your feedback and revise a
couple more times until it's just right for you.


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We are a group of home lovers and our intention is to spread the love of lounging in a lovely place called home. And we believe there is no end to what furniture can do for a space, whether it's in or outdoors. Each product is designed with every single detail in mind. When we create and sell our product to customers, we make sure every piece will bring joy and newness to their homes.Our profound curiosity and love to enrich people's life by providing furniture that reflects their own personality, to make them even more at home.Above all, we are compelled to do more than sketching and manufacturing furniture. We create something valuable, something precious close at heart.

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