10 Helpful Guides on Designing a Small Apartment and Studio

10 Helpful Guides on Designing a Small Apartment and Studio

How to design a small space, is the most popular question when it’s come to interior design. When it comes to design or décor small spaces, it is all about choosing the right items for the space to make the space feels much larger. Small spaces can also be comfortable and stylish. Here are some tips to design small spaces and maximize every inch.


1. Mirror

Extend your space with mirrors but in the right place. Decorating small areas is all about playing with the visual. In a small apartment, use a large mirror to give the illusion of expansion. Your room will immediately appear larger and brighter by reflecting natural or artificial light. The best place for a mirror is opposite a window, so that it reflects as much light as possible without many elements that can saturate said illusion.

Convex Mirror


2. Multifunctional Furniture

Smart and multifunctional furniture. Pieces that can serve multiple purposes are everything. Multifunctional furniture is very important when it comes to designing small spaces because they have the capability of adapting to many situations depending on the activity. For example, a coffee table with hidden storage, an ottoman that serves as a coffee table or as a seat, hidden tables and so on.

Martha Ottoman in Leather


3. Light and Transparent Object

When selecting furniture, consider its visual weight. Weightless or transparent furniture is always the best choice under the circumstances. Translucent objects can be chic and functional at the same time. If you use a transparent object, your eyes will view more of the space and trick your mind into thinking it’s bigger than it really is.

Avoid big, bulky and solid objects to décor. Furnishings with legs seem less heavy than pieces that sit directly on the floor. Choose furniture made of light materials to avoid crowding the space with too much information.

Loane Lounge Chair


4. Think Vertical

Space is three-dimensional. We have more than the floor, don’t forget that you have vertical space. Use your walls up to the ceiling whenever possible. Furniture that extends to the ceiling can visually open up the space, but also give you all that storage you need at home.

Larry Bookcase


5. Light and Fresh Color Palette

Light and fresh colour palette. Use light colours for the walls and floor. A room with light colours feels bigger and brighter because the surfaces can reflect more light. Using light colours will make walls appear to recede, creating a bright feel. Consider whites, light blues, greens and light greys.


6. Wall, Ceiling Lamp or Architectural Lighting

Avoid using a floor lamp or big table lamps. It’s a better idea to use ceiling-mounted lights, and wall lamps or light up your space through architectural lighting. Mimicking LED strips to define volume and provide the necessary ambient lighting. With these ideas, you will have more space for yourself and your furniture.


7. Open and Articulate Spaces

There are thousands of ways to divide a small apartment without using walls. Play with heights, colours, textures, rugs or multifunctional furniture to define the different areas of your home. Adding rugs is a great way to zone your spaces without making them look crowded. You can play around with the colour, design and texture of your rug to add personality to your space apart from giving more comfort.

Caro Dining Table


8. Levitate Furniture

Wall-mounted objects are everything for small spaces. Make your walls work every time. One great trick for making your small space seem bigger is getting your furniture off the floor. The space flowing under the wall mounted furniture makes the room seem much roomier and more open

Isla Nightstand Floating


9. Modular Furniture

Working with small spaces is tricky enough therefore, choose furniture that can be flexible. You need to be able to re-organize your living area with ease at any given time. Getting modular furniture is perfect as you can always rearrange it when needed. Let’s say you have people coming and need more extra space you can always remove a few pieces of the modular instead of the whole sofa. Or you can also add more if you want to depending on your preference.

Martha Modular in Leather


10. Adding Plants

Adding nature inside is always a good idea. Nature is fresh and helps to humanize spaces. Greenery makes the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. If you don’t have space on the floor, try hanging a plant or use sky planters to bring modernity and chicness to your room.

Hopefully, these 10 design guidelines can help to make the most out of the space of your home. If you need more design guides and ideas, feel free to head to Triconville website.


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