Home Office Inspiration Design

Home Office Inspiration Design

We now face a new daily reality: Working From Home. We quickly address the increasing number of people working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and what we can do about it. Since working from home has quickly become the new normal. 

Pro tips for home office: set boundaries between lounge and work, designate a space, surround yourself with things to motivate you to work. Here, Triconville has curated a home office for you. Our home office design enables you to play, surf, and create seamlessly without hindering your productivity. Everything needs to be organized just right!

Whether you have an entire room or just a tiny corner, we've got multiple home office inspiration designs for you.

Arri Writing Desk

If you’re a minimalist lover, Arri sure is definitely the answer for you. Arri Writing Desk employs a minimalist design with a live edge. The wavy end gives a dynamic sense, making sure the creativity flows to your daily routine. It comes with simple storage underneath the tabletop without taking much space. Arri is equipped with a simple small drawer that is more than enough to hold pens and a few office accessories so you don't end up with a bottomless supply of things you don't actually need.

Milo Writing Desk

If your workspace is cool, you may be more inclined to actually use it. To ensure your work stays on schedule—and to stay connected with others—don’t let yourself go totally off the grid. Milo has a perfect holder stance for the iPad that will come in handy for you. Aside from that, Milo is a gorgeous writing desk with efficient configuration, a drawer with sections, and a cable port to keep the table tidy.

Merlie Desk

The rectangular desk is crafted with drawers that feature cutout pulls on full-extension glides, giving you space to stash all of your office supplies. The hole on the right rear is made with a pronounced shape that allows it to hold small gadgets. It includes a cord management cut-out to make plugging in your computer and any other necessities easy and sleek. 

Isla Desk

If you need to stay organized, this organizational system is for you. Isla offers a comfortable workspace with multiple storage options. One key for productivity is to surround yourself with the things you love, you can use the top storage compartments for small everyday objects, like plants, books and figurines. It also comes with drawers that span the entire width of the desk. This desk is also available without top storage.


While working, the comfort level is very important. We all agree that the more comfortable you are, the more productive you are. Keep you supported working at home with our desk chairs here and storage & shelving to keep your essentials close.

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