Lounge Design for Your Small Balcony

Lounge Design for Your Small Balcony

When you live in the city, especially in apartment, the balcony may be the only outdoor place where we can enjoy some fresh and natural air. Thanks to this outdoor extension, you can enjoy the outdoor air and it allows you to relax under the sun without even leaving your apartment.

Even if it’s small but balcony doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic. In fact, it can be very cozy indeed if you put some time into designing it properly. The first thing to do before proceeding with any decision is to estimate the space that you have actually available. With just a few elements you can create a really intimate, outdoor lounge where you can relax, have a cup of coffee or read a book.


Vento Single Seat with Round Coffee Table

Treat your outdoor space like you would your indoor space. Your balcony should feel as comfortable and be as inviting as your indoor spaces are. Vento single seat is the ideal option for this small balcony. Wide proportion, built from fine-sanded natural teak wood, the golden color will capture your heart and make you want to lie on it. Not to mention, the thick seat cushion is filled with soft and quick-dry foam. Outdoor weather is hard to predict, that is why we offer you this highly durable piece to fill your balcony.


Corda Single Seat with Round Coffee Table  

To enjoy the view you don't need anything besides a comfy chair and a small table.  Choosing the right outdoor furniture materials you can make your balcony looks like a deck of some suburban house. Configure one or two Corda single seat with small coffee table in the middle for your outdoor balcony. This furniture fit even on the tiniest balcony and they definitely can help you to embrace the outdoors in comfort.

Corda provides big size to sit with beautiful rope weaving on the side all the way to the back. It blends easily to your modern apartment layout. The aluminum frame is protected with powder coat finish so it's resistant to rust and corrosion. The polyester rope is much more brazen towards abrasion, compared to nylon one, this is the reason why we pick polyester. Add a comfortable cushion to ensure you enjoy lounging outside for hours.


Tessin Single Seat with Rigby Round Coffee Table

Since the space is tight, you will need a compact seater, comfortable and also integrated with your home design. Tessin single seater is the mix of quality and luxury design. Built from fine sanded teak frame and sturdy stainless steel base, it will stay beautiful for a long time even though the weather changes very often.

Once you set yourself in the embrace of Tessin single seater, it is bigger than the usual individual chair. The upholstered cushion is removable and easy to clean, plus it is also super durable, so it can handle all the inevitable spills that will happen. Put two single seater with the coffee table from the collection that mimics the exact line accents of wood, it will implement sophisticated style to your balcony.

Even if your outdoor space is so small it can’t accommodate much at all, do not get discouraged. Durability is an important factor when choosing your outdoor lounge furniture, especially in the south east asian climate. So, it is important to choose weatherproof furniture, like two items above, it will guarantee you to have a good time outdoors.

Ready to transform your small balcony? Start creating your ideal relaxation spot today with us!


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