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Dezign District understands that it's not easy to shop online. This is why we send out free samples in order to give you better understanding of the feel and quality of the materials we use. Simply select your preferred product ranges or fabric covers that interest you. We are more than happy to send our samples out to you. There is a variety of hues and textures, let's browse and discover the possibilities.

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Teak wood

Highly recommended furniture material for its strength, durability, warm colour, resistance to termites or other damaging elements, last a lifetime.

Golden Brush (IT1)
Walnut Brush (IT2)
Black Brush (IT3)
White Wash (IT4)
Natural Brush (IT5)
Dark Rustic (IT6)
Light Rustic (IT7)
Natural Rustic (IT8)
Outdoor Teak

Beautiful wood as it is low maintenance and long lasting, such an ideal timber for outdoor application.

Natural Teak Fine Sanded (T3)

Living Fabric

Performance Fabric

Performance fabric is soft-touch fabric, exceptionally strong and durable with bright colours.

Faint Blue (M606)
Moon Grey (M808)
Lemon Yellow (M502)
Bear Brown (M103)
Lamborgini Purple (M703)
Midnight Black (M806)
Pearl White (M900)
Tortilla Brown (M908)
White Brown (M903)
Himalaya Pearl (H904)
Himalaya Silver (H807)


Black (L1)
Brown (L2)
Cream (L3)
Grey (L4)
Black (L1) PVC
Brown (L2) PVC
Cream (L3) PVC
Grey (L4) PVC

Outdoor Fabric

Olefin Fabric

Olefin fabric is premium quality of outdoor fabric which provides the exclusive solution for your comfort.

Fontelina Beige (P180)
Fontelina Green (P225)
White (P134)
Dark Grey (P254)
Stone (P252)
Black (P255)
Grey (P253)
Pale Blue (P251)

A material mix of PVC and standard acrylic yarn creates both a matte and shiny look that filters light and allows water to pass through.

Arashi Stone (C180)
Arashi White (C130)
Arashi Terra Cotta (C200)
Arashi Grey (C160)
Arashi Indigo (C121)

Pillow Fabric

Olefin Fabric

Throw pillow is made from made from a solution dyed acrylic that is UV; water; and mildew resistant.

Laytown Grey 160 (P129)
Negril R 161 (P128)


Aluminium Asteroid (F20)
Olive Green (F23)
White Pearl (F09)
Dark Taupe (F21)
Brass (MC1)
Terra Cotta (F22)
Stainless Steel Hairline (SS)
Stainless Steel Asteroid (SS20)


Duo Sling Black (S24)
Duo Sling Taupe (S25)
Duo Sling White (S23)
Upholstery Sling Black (161)
Upholstery Sling Taupe (181)
Upholstery Sling White (130)
Batyline Taupe (S5)


Wicker Shimmer Russet Strap 7mm (W7)
Wicker Black Rod 3mm (W8)
Wicker Grey Rod 3mm (W4)
Wicker White Rod 3mm (W6)


Ceramic Concrete Matt Grey 9mm (C3)
Ceramic Marquina Marble Black 9mm (C1)
Ceramic Statuario Marble White 9mm (C2)
Ceramic Oxide Matt Ash 9mm (C4)
Ceramic Saint Matt Black 9mm (C5)


White Carrara
Nero Marquina