About The Fabric

Take time to choose your sofa, it is a valuable investment for your house.
What's the first thing that you look for while buying a sofa? The essential elements lies in the design and fabric material.

Triconville presents the best material for indoor living:


When it comes to a good lounging system, your mind instantly take an image of a comfy and carefree sofa, but chances are that your children may not share that idea. You love devouring glasses of wine or a plate of spaghetti on the couch even though you already know you are going to spill that food or drink??

Sit tight, that is not a problem anymore. After years of research and development, we find a specially blended yarns that make it easy to get rid of stubborn stains and spills, using a simple damp cloth. Next to being beautiful, soft and colorful, our indoor fabric guarantees a revolutionary fabric for modern living.

Feel free to stay all day, all night to live, love, eat and play - our carefree furniture will be there to start all over again the next day.

The available options for different styles can be viewed here (Free Material Swatches) or order free swatches via email [email protected]

Spill and stain free

Our fabric is strong and durable, developed to last a very long time. This blended yarns with tight weaving fabric works wonderfully enduring a splash of red wine or a drop of pizza sauce.

Child friendly

We care about your children and therefore do not use any PFC chemicals. Our soft-touch yarns turn your furniture into playful horse by day and snuggly places by night.

Soft to touch

The soft, smooth and naturally lustrous fabric that offers excellent durability. Your skin is precious so it is the part of consideration to pick a fabric that will not cause friction to your skin.

Excellent durability

Specially blended yarns that make it easy to get rid of inevitable stains and spills, using a simple damp cloth.

Outstanding color fastness

Excellent ability to retain its original hue without fading or running despite the washing and rubbing. Ideal for home furniture.

Water resistant

The material is impervious to water. After all, you know it only takes a split second before someone drops their toast butter-side-down or spills some red wine.

Eco friendly

Our performance fabrics are made using upcycled fibres and are completely recyclable. Thanks to our 100% local production process, we protect the environment, promote sustainability and ensure a low carbon footprint.

Fabric Care and Maintenance

Ketchup, chocolate sauce, crisps, fruit, mud, blood etc.

If drink/food is spilled, act promptly to remove them with a paper towel. If the stain has already dried, gently brush off any excess material, then dab softly with a damp cloth or sponge. For stubborn stains, mix 75 ml of cleaning agents containing bleach and 5 litres of water. Dab the clean cloth with the cleaning solvents to the stained area. Repeat until the stain is gone. Rinse the fabric very thoroughly with a damp cloth. Air dry.

Product Care & Maintenance